There is hope

and we can help you find it

WHY i360?

At Innovation360®, we work with people, we walk with them, join them for a time and prepare them for a day when they don’t need us. Whether we are in the role of therapist, counselor, coach, or consultant, we come alongside individuals to help them view their current situation from a different perspective. No matter where you are on your path towards change, we invite you to join us, risk with us, journey with us.

Join Us

  • Mary Beth

    “Both of the i360 therapists could not have been more welcoming and gracious to me.
    I will return next week without question.”

  • Pattie

    “We began our family therapy with brokenness and hopelessness;
    we left with tangible ways to become whole again.”

  • Gordon

    “The team at i360 provided us with realistic and achievable ideas to help our family better communicate. We are pleased with the direction they provided for establishing a balanced family dynamic.”


Treatment in the midst of life®, it’s what we provide for people who are struggling. We have spread our wings beyond Dallas so that we can work with more people, in various locations, who need someone to come alongside them as they move towards change. Change isn’t always easy, but when you have someone who can walk with you through it, the path towards a better life can be so much better.

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